Unlimited access to all public classes offered by the Ithaca Capoeira Center for one year. This rate is heavily discounted for committing to the year (even more if paying in full!).

For new Ithaca Capoeira Center members, OR for those paying in full: Includes TWO official Capoeira Angola Quintal t-shirts, with logo, for use at classes and events-- you'll need them!

Contact local group leadership (IthacaCAQ@gmail.com) for additional discounts and/or other financial arrangements.

One-Year Membership (Leao) : $60/month

Payment Plan
  • There is a $100 cancellation fee if monthly-billing membership is cancelled 15 or more days after its purchase.


    Cancellations of memberships paid in full will be refunded on a prorated basis (based on the number of months remaining in the membership), minus 50% of that amount.