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Thank you for your confidence! Your investment in the Ithaca Capoeira Center will not be forgotten-- this membership includes unlimited access to all public classes offered by the Ithaca Capoeira Center, as long as your relationship with Capoeira Angola Quintal remains in good standing.


Includes FOUR official Capoeira Angola Quintal t-shirts, with logo, for use at classes and events, as well as your own berimbau!

*Over three years of training, this unlimited membership is equivalent to about $40 per month. After that, as a "thank you" for your investment in the local group, you train free! You'll also periodcally enjoy some complimentary Capoeira Angola Quintal swag gifts...

Lifetime Member : ~$40/month* + FREE Berimbau + 4 shirts

  • There is a $300 cancellation fee if monthly-billing membership is cancelled 15 or more days after its purchase.


    Cancellations/refunds are not possible for paid-in-full lifetime memberships. Contact if there are extenuating circumstances you would like to discuss.

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